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The Purpose of This Website:

Dr. Noffsinger

This website is designed to help physicians, healthcare administrators, executive leaders, and allied health professionals with an interest in group medical visits (also called shared medical appointments, group medical appointments, DIGMAs, PSMAs, group visits, etc.) who want to learn how to successfully design, implement, disseminate, and evaluate them in their practices and organizations. The intent is to form a community of group visit enthusiasts, so please feel free to contact Dr. Noffsinger with your questions or concerns for him to address either by e-mail or in future blogs on this website.

What You Will Find on This Website:

Why Group Visits Are Important to You:

Group visits can successfully address many of the challenges currently facing our overly stressed and financially endangered national healthcare system. They provide exactly the type of "win-win-win" innovation that patients, physicians, and healthcare organizations need today. Well-run group visits offer prompt access, more time, and greater patient as well as physician professional satisfaction—and do so while simultaneously increasing efficiency, productivity, and the bottom line. They also provide patient-centered care that can improve quality, service, access, patient education, and clinical outcomes. They can max-pack visits, enhance the patient's healing experience, and integrate the help and support of other patients (as well as a multidisciplinary care team) into each patient's healthcare experience.

Group visits have been used with great success for follow-up visits, physical examinations, new patient intakes, and chronic disease management. They also offer new hope to beleaguered primary and specialty care physicians—as well as to the financially stressed entitlements of Medicare and Medicaid. Properly run, group visits can help to solve many of the problems facing busy, backlogged physicians today—plus bring some joy back into the practice of medicine!